Starting a New Manager Job, I Thought It Sounded Like A Good Idea!

After being unemployed for a year, (not for lack of trying mind you) I finally got a job as Manager at the Guy Iversen AMVETS Post #49 in Cedar Falls.  I had conjured up in my mind what a Veteran’s Club should be like:  organized and respectful to name a few.  HA!  Not really happening here…  I should have listened to my daughter Elisha, she has been a bartender there for years, and warned me it was a bit “political”.

I started as the manager at the AMVETS in Sept 2012, things were quite unorganized.  I began to implement new systems, and worked hard at getting things straightened out.  It was a stressful, sometimes even hostile environment, worse than my daughter had warned me about!  Oh, there were some great times there, I loved working with my daughter every day.  And there were a few really awesome guys and gals there, I will remember that about the AMVETS.

 I started to feel very fatigued around Christmas time, and started noticing some of the old Lyme symptoms returning.  Pain where there was never pain, all of a sudden, out of nowhere.  I call them “VooDoo” pains, because it is like someone has a hot poker and is poking a voodoo doll of you in various parts of your body!

 I am remembering what it was like a couple of years ago, but denying that I may still have Lyme Disease.  I DO NOT!  I CAN NOT!  I went through the treatment protocol, blah, blah, blah!  Crying, kicking, stomping my feet denial!!  But oh yes, the blood work came back positive in January.  So, Yes, here we go again!  😦


2 thoughts on “Starting a New Manager Job, I Thought It Sounded Like A Good Idea!

  1. You CAN and WILL beat this Laurie Ann, you have 3 big sisters who are always here for you, and we will help you through this again. WE WILL NOT give up. We Love you..

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